Skillpoint Consulting is an education agency. We offer counselling and advice to students and professionals who wish to live, study and/or work in overseas. Our services focus on those interested in a wide range of courses at top Australian universities and colleges.

Our Mission
Our mission is to continue to provide a quality education consulting service and maintain a respected name among colleges and universities as well as international students. We will dedicate our knowledge and try to help onshore students to reach their objectives as well as offshore students.

Our goal is to provide the best advice and guidance for students from all countries, particularly Thailand who are looking to migrate to Australia and build a better future. We are currently based in Sydney and Thailand (Bangkok)

Our Marketing
At Skillpoint, we have found that our main asset and marketing tool is word of mouth – our dedication to service has enabled us to develop and grow on the strength of that alone. In addition to this, we also conduct sensible, targeted marketing campaigns through the media: radio, flyers, newspapers and seminars, in both English and other languages.

We look forward to a long and build your future together with you.